• The Munster Moonraker Rally, Sunday 03 March
  • The Willie Loughman Memorial Forestry Rally, Sunday 14 April
  • The Sean Conlon Memorial Forestry Rally, Sunday 16 June


  • The Carlow Stages Rally (MK2 challenge), Sunday 12 May
  • The Ravens Rock Stages Rally, Sunday 30 June
  • The Stonethrowers Stages Rally, Sunday 11 August
  • The Dick Bailey, Wexford Stages Rally, Sat. 7; Sun. 8 September


Wexford in September and it’s the final round of the 2013 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship. For many years the outcome has been decided in this shootout event but, doing the maths as they say, it’s possible the outcome, taking dropped scores in account, may be decided by the narrowest of margins. But as the scoring and results are provisional my maths may not be up to scratch.

The TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship is a class based championship that encompasses forestry and tarmac rallies. A minimum of three competitors must start in each class for the maximum of 15 points to be awarded to each class winner. Should fewer than three start then less points are available. It may seem unfair but an element of competition is required to prevent the possibility of a runaway winner because of a poorly supported class.

Leading the 2013 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship are the Offaly crew of Mike Garahy / Sean Henehan, Escort MK2, Class 2 on 90 points. Their best scores from four rounds are 70 points. There is a potential to increase this by 5 points with a class win this weekend. It’s a tough two days of rallying but reliability to date has not been an issue. As an aside he has been a winning navigator in earlier TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championships with Mick Nevin.

Second overall and the 2012 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Champions are the Kilkenny crew of Pascal O’Shea and Robbie Hennessey, Escort MK2, Class 2, on 86 points but adjusted to 66 for four rounds. The potential here is to gain 3 for a class win leaving them with a potential 69 points. Both are in the same class fighting for the same points.

Third overall is another Kilkenny crew of Pierce Doheny and Tommy Hayes, Opel Corsa, Class 1, on 76 points. Just three crews registered in this class which has militated against scoring maximum points on each event. This crew was also on rally duties on the Ravens Rock, foregoing a chance to enhance their championship position. Their adjusted points are 66 but they also have the potential to make it to 69. (Ah, just to say that Tommy is not from Kilkenny!)

Class 1. Ken Tracy / Martin Comerford, Peugeot 206 non finished on the Stonethrowers but are unbeatable in the class (at the moment) on 58 points. Emmet Cronin / Mossie O’Connell, Escort MK2 are on 33 points.

Class 2. Mick Nevin / David Forde, Escort MK2 are still the class leaders on 62 points. Adjusted points are 53 but can still make it to 59 points. Second (at the moment) are Niall and Garry Fitzpatrick, Escort Mk1 are on 54 points from just three events and they can still cause an upset in the class and overall positions should they win the class in Wexford. This would take them to 69 points. . Kieran O’Sullivan / Patrick O’Gorman, Peugeot are third on 20 points.

Class 3. Richard Dalton /John Smithwick, Honda Civic, are still the class leaders on 61 points. Richard Cleary / Niamh Holland, Honda Civic, are second on 45 points from two events. Climbing into third are Andrew Fanning and Derek Gibbs, Ford Puma also on 45 points. This class is still wide open and will all depend on the finishers list on Sunday night.

Class 4. Taking over the class lead are Eamon and Sarah Dowling, Escort MK2 are on 46 points. Ray Benskin (jnr) / Nick Hegarty, Escort MK2 are second on 42 points. They made a gala appearance on the tarmac of the Stonethrowers. Sean W. Benskin / Joe Fitzgibbon, Escort MK2 are third on 40 points.

Class 5. James Coleman and Liam Brennan, Escort MK2, are still leading the class on 59 points. The non-finish on the Stonethrowers may yet prove costly.  Still in second are Shane McGirr and Jackie Elliot in the rapid Toyota on 57 points. This is another crew who are concentrating on the forestry events. Third are the winning Wexford Rally crew of James Stafford and Amy Ryan, Darrian T90 GTR, 45 points. And sure won’t they light up the stages in Wexford and Win all around them!

Class 6. Mark Murphy / Alistair Wylie, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO8, are enjoying the change of marque and are now class leaders on 42 points. John Reid / Enda Sheils, Toyota Corolla WRC have slipped back to second on 40 points. Owen Murphy / James O’Brien, Mitsubishi Lancer are third on 32 points. No change here since the Tipperary Forestry but if TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship sponsor takes to the Wexford Stages some changes can be expected.

Juniors. Running away with this class are Dean Raftery / Aileen Kelly, Honda Civic on 42 points. Tonya Fortune / Dan King, Opel Corsa, won the class in the Ravens Rock and have 11 points.

That sums up the 2013 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship to date, the crews that finish up on 69 points will have to scramble for the championship regulations to see who will claim the best 69 points!!!

2013 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship Registrar; Ann Fitzgerald, The Cross, Mooncoin, Via Waterford. ‘Phone / fax 051 895238. Email;

Joe O’Brien

Press Officer, Carrick-on-Suir Motorclub











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