Carlow MK2 Rally Tarmac Challenge & ALMC Forestry Mini Stages Wicklow


May is a busy month for the 2014 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship. Two events on consecutive weeks, The Carlow MK2 Rally Challenge tarmac rally on the 11th May and the following Saturday, 17th May, the ALMC forestry mini stages rally in Wicklow.

Due to the pressure of rally programmes going to print it’s not possible to have the results from Carlow in time for the ALMC programme. This championship is a dual surface, it has rounds on forestry and tarmac. So far none of the forestry competitors have shown their hand by entering the Carlow Stages rally. However it is possible to speculate, based on the preview of the Carlow entries (to date) that Shane McGirr and Martin McGarrty in the class 5 Starlet will still be leading the 2014 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship on 45 points. This crew is spectacular and fiercely competitive on the loose forestry stages. With two forestry events still to go, their total should keep accumulating, it’s a case of watch this space.

Second overall are the Cork pairing of Sean W. Benskin and Joe Fitzgibbons in the class 4 MK2 Escort on 36 points. It’s not unknown for then to slot in a tarmac event or two during the year so they may just be the dark horse to take the 2014 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship lead by competing in Carlow before the ALMC event.

Third overall are Noel wade and Eamon Tuohy, class3, Escort MK2 on 34 points. Again the same conditions apply, the possibility of having Carlow under their belt before taking to the Wicklow Hills…

The following class positions apply before the Carlow Stages so may not reflect the 2014 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship when the ALMC event starts.

Class 1.

1 Andrew Fanning / Derek Gibbs                             Ford Ka.                               25 pts.

2 Pierce Doheny / T. Hayes.                                      Peugeot 106.                       22 pts.

Class 2.

1 Mike Garahy / C. Garahy.                                       Escort MK2.                        27 pts.

2 Francis Kelly / C. Egan.                                           Opel Corsa.                        22  pts.

3 Kieran O’Sullivan / P. O’Gorman.                           Peugeot 205.                      10 pts.

Class 3. 

1 Douglas Stewart / B. Ryan.                                      Peugeot 206.                     30 pts

2 Shane Kenneally / G. Connors                                Escort MK2.                       14 pts.

3 Calvin Kirby / B. Ryan.                                             Honda Civic.                         9 pts.

Class 4. 

1 Ray Benskin (jnr) / N. Hegarty.                              Escort MK2.                        30 pts.

2 Alan Commins / J. Commins.                                 Escort MK2.                        15 pts.

3 Diarmuid Lynch / J. Falvey.                                     Escort MK2.                        12 pts.

Class 5.

1 Mickey Conlon / C. McPhillips.                                Escort MK2.                      32 pts.

2 James Coleman / L. Brennan.                                  Escort MK2.                      12 pts.

Class 6.

1 Mark Murphy / A. Wyllie.                                        Mitsubishi Evo 8.             33 pts.

2 Dan O’Brien / M. Glennester.                                 Ford Focus.                       27 pts.

3 Ian Chadwick / J. Bould.                                          Subaru Impreza.              25 pts.


1 Conor McCarthy / D. O’Donovan.                        Honda Civic.                       32 pts.

  • ROUND 1. The Sean Conlon Memorial Forestry rally. February 2nd
  • ROUND 2. The Munster Moonraker Forestry Rally. Ballyvourney in Co. Cork. April 13
  • ROUND 3. Carlow Stages Rally. Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow. May 11
  • ROUND 4. ALMC Forestry Rally based in Glendalough Hotel, Wicklow. May 172 stages X 2.
  • ROUND 5. Carrick-on-Suir Ravens Rock Rally. Waterford. June 29
  • ROUND 6. Tipperary Stonethrowers Rally. Clonmel. August 10
  • ROUND 7. Wexford Stages Rally. September 13th / 14th.
  • ROUND 8. The Willie Loughman Memorial Forestry Rally
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